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  • Langtafel Red
    Langtafel Red

    A soft and mellow fruit-driven wine that can be enjoyed on its own or...

    258,00 Kč
  • Langtafel Rosé
    Langtafel Rosé

    A fresh, crisp and well-balanced palate with a clean finish. Firm acid...

    258,00 Kč
  • Langtafel White
    Langtafel White

    Complex nose shows hints tropical fruit, lime, citrus and blossoms....

    258,00 Kč
  • Baruzzo Novello
    Baruzzo Novello

    A fresh young and juicy wine made in the typical Italian Novello or the...

    313,00 Kč
  • The Strawberry (Rosé)
    The Strawberry (Rosé)

    Středně plné víno s nádechem medu a broskví. A medium bodied wine with...

    346,00 Kč
  • Babylon's Peak Chenin Blanc
    Babylon's Peak Chenin Blanc

    A crisp, fresh and fruity Chenin Blanc from low-yield dryland bushvines.

    339,00 Kč

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Jihoafrické vinařství dovolená

We are starting a new initiative to organize group tours (6-8 people) to visit South African wineries.

The tours will be roughly 7 - 10 days long and include all expense paid holiday staying at the wineries themselves, tasting local wines and delicacies, and visiting some speciality South African nature sites.

More details to follow.......