Heather Crowther

People who may know me for my wine business, may not be aware that I am also an artist :)  So I wanted to share my love for both wine and art with you.  

I love to is the beautiful energy that has to get out. My art is generally abstract in nature, focusing on the concept of transformation while hinting at what lies beneath, through the power of suggestion. I am fascinated in nature and the subtle invisible forces that affect all life as we know it, such as the rusting process on a physical level, or the role of Sacred Geometry in shaping everything in our known universe on a metaphysical level.

I try to make the invisible visible through the creative process itself and the pure energy that uses these natural forces to shape our entire reality. I work on an emotive level that emphasises the sensations viewers are left with. From working in pure line and form, to my detailed drawings and paintings, viewers can’t help but think there is something more.....something beyond the immediate that evokes latent emotional reactions in their own psyche.

Art is beauty..... art is nature......and nature is is this inextricable link that I love to express and share with the world.

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