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Henry of Pelham celebrates 30 years of fine vintages, produced from grapes grown on our family's estate on the Short Hills Bench of Niagara, in 2018. We'll be marking this important milestone all year long with special events worthy of one of Niagara's oldest estate wineries.

In the late 18th century, our great-great-great grandfather was deeded the land on which our winery sits. Fast forward six generations and we’re still on the family farm.

In 1984, when our parents decided to replace Henry’s concord and Niagara grapevines with old world vinifera grapes, the Niagara wine scene hardly existed and there were a lot of skeptics—but we had done our homework. Heat scans proved we had the right conditions, and we bettered our chances by contouring the hills and installing drainage. At the time, we were one of only a few Niagara wineries to make premium wines from our own grapes.

Today we honour our family’s ties to the land by capturing the taste of the landscape.

We think Henry would be proud.

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