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Basile Organic Wine Farm

Basile Organic Wine Farm extends for approximately 34 hectares. The lands are mostly exposed towards South-West, in an ideal position for sun radiation permitting the vineyards to be caressed by the sun all day long. The altitude varies in height between 380 and 330 meters. The soil has a prevalently calcareous composition; characteristic of this territory is the so-called galestro, a rock that crumbles in time because of bad weather, thus creating an ideal environment for the vines. In summer, the temperature rarely exceeds 30°Celsius, thus ensuring a dry climate thanks also to the constant ventilation of the land.

Eight  hectares of vineyards are cultivated producing 50.000 bottles of wine. The vineyards are planted with plants of red Sangiovese, Merlot and White Vermentino, Vionnier and Petit Manseng. All products are organic, controlled and certified by CCPB (Consortium for the Control of Biological Products )

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