Ghost Pepper Salsa
  • Ghost Pepper Salsa

Ghost Pepper Salsa

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A chunky orange/red salsa with bits of green herbs.


A chunky orange/red salsa with bits of green herbs.

Fabulous on hamburgers, fried eggs, hot-dogs, pap and sausages. Delicious served in pita bread or a Mexican tortilla or wrap with meat, fish, cheese or chicken.

Spread on a pizza base and top with cheese. Use as a start to quick pasta sauce. Mix with cream cheese for tasty dips.


Heat 8/10

At Fynbos Fine Foods all of their products are made from the finest and freshest produce. All natural. They use NO preservatives, NO colourants, NO MSG or pectin (NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING) in any of their products.

Suitable for vegetarians, the chillies, pepper drops, peppers, tomatoes and herbs are picked early in the morning from their greenhouses and fields and are then bottled in their kitchens under extremely hygienic conditions.

ALL Fynbos Fine Foods are pasturised and have a minimum shelf life of 24 months. Shake before use – separation may occur due to the use of only natural products. Refrigerate after opening, always use a clean utensil to decanter.

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